How’s It Going?

Just a quick update post. Work was crazy for a week, had to change schedules. Tomorrow we leave for Vegas and I plan to do a breakdown of it money-wise and maybe some pictures when we get back.

  • Set up automatic deposits from my checking into my tIRA of $400/mo so I can max it out this year.
  • Set up atomatic deposits into my Vanguard investment account of $200/mo to buy more stocks VTSMX.
  • Set up deposits into sub accounts of my Ally savings to prepare for Christmas and birthday presents $65/mo.
  • Finally got YNAB and using it a little bit. It’s hard to get into the habit of manually entering transactions. I wish it would just automate like Personal Capital.
  • Started making lanyards and trying to get people to buy it from me at work $10 each.

That’s all for now. Been very lazy and busy watching TV. 🙂


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